About the SME Service Center

1. History
3. Role
5. Operation
7. Service tool
2. Vision
4. Strategy Goals
6. SME and LNCCI Corporation

1. History

The support and promotion of Lao PDR competitiveness in international areas has been an important feature of the Small and Medium Enterprise.

The Promotion Department under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce with the National Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Laos (LNCCI). The SME Service Center (SSC) has been cooperating to establish a SME service Center (SSC) on 17 February 2017 to provide supported and service to the enterprise in Lao PDR. SME it’s not only does provide technical and promote development in the general field only (such as business initiative, entrepreneurship, productivity enhancement and improvement of quality innovation, business co-operation etc.).

However, SSC had provided development that is connected to ASEAN etc. Such as information dissemination and knowledge related to ASEAN standardization, access to the ASEAN regional market and international market.

2. Vision

The environment for SMEs to do business in Lao – in terms of costs to start and run a business, support to enhance competitiveness and access to markets – is improved.

3. Role

The Enterprises in Lao can reduce the time and cost of initiating and operating a business as well as improving competitiveness and access to markets in the ASEAN region and the international.

4. Strategy Goals

  • Supported for business initiatives at various levels.
  • Promote the development of entrepreneurship for sustainable growth.
  • Develop comprehensive skills to upgrade the quality.
  • Increase productivity and improve competitiveness in the priority sector.
  • Establish a network of national and local networks enterprise to improve correlation with multinational companies.
  • Promote close cooperation with industry associations for joint development in industry in specific sectors.
  • Promote effective collaboration with development partners and relevant business firm organization.

5. Operation

The initial provision of service to provide support and service in the following areas to develop and support enterprise

SME Development and Support (SDS):

Provide services in general area such as new business consultants, development and management of the business operation, trade, exhibition and so on.

ASEAN SME Service Centre (ASSC):

Providing services for specific sectors and related to ASEAN activities, such as information dissemination on the ASEAN Economic community, capacity building related to the ASEAN Economic Community, business meeting and business networking in ASEAN countries members, guidance on ASEAN market, etc. Provides information and knowledge related to the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) in the form of documents and electronically

6. SME and LNCCI corporation

Collaboration with SME Business Service Centre to promote the development of Lao enterprise by:

  • SME Development Plan (2016 – 2020) and the ASEAN SME Development Strategy (2016 – 2025) and the 2016 – 2020 SME Development Plan 2016 – 2025 (SME Development Plan 2016 -2020).
  • Jointly implementation the ASEAN Service Centre’s plan enterprise and provided ASEAN related services in the direction of the market as well as provide services to the sectors specific sectors to promote integration into ASEAN Economic Community.
  • Implemented the plan and aligning the vision, mission and the strategy goals of the organization.
  • Disseminate information on the ASEAN Economic Community, policies, regulations, principle, needs and processes at national and regional levels to the ASEAN.
  • Promote LAO PDR representative enterprise to the ASEAN level. Strengthening personal and coordination of SME. As well as expand the network with relevant organization and institutions in Lao PDR and ASEAN member countries.
  • Promote effective cooperation with all development partners and relevant organizations.

7. Service Tool

  1. Business Advisory: Business consultants such as beginners – experts. Business oportunities for the business that plan to acess to the ASEAN Market, reules and regulations on trade and investments in ASEAN countries, taxes in ASEAN countries.
  2. To disseminate information and enchance awareness on the AEC – related awareness raising and information dissemination: Improve information related to the ASEAN Economic Community, set up a set tools to guide the export process to ASEAN Market, the process of selecting the products from the ASEAN marketregional value chain components, products brought into Lao PDR and others.
  3. Training and Meeting: Organisation training courses and workshops on capacity building, improvement of quality, standardization of ASEAN and international level, Promote competitions of paragraphs, supporting the creation of value added for products, Chain Value enters the ASEAN and international markets and E-commerce.
  4. Organisation Business Meeting and Building Business Networks (Facilitating B2B Meeting and Networking): Create a network of businesses and links between Lao PDR and businesses in ASEAN and international (such as networking with large enterprises cross the border companies). Establish networks with ASEAN service centres.
  5. E-service software, Coworking Space and consultancy for SMEs and Start-Up.
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